Свидетельства об Исцелениях

Свидетельства об Исцелениях

Prayer Свидетельства об ИсцеленияхНа этой странице Вы можете ознакомитьсяr как Христианская Научная молитва приносит физическое и умственное исцеление при наиболее неблагоприятных обстаятельствах. Последующие свидетельства об исцелениях с помощью молитв, написанные в форме благодарственных писем, отправленных по электронной почте. Эти письма  автор хранил в архиве с 2002 года. Так как не всегда уместно сообщать причину заболевания или проблему Практикующий Христианское Исцелениеприводит на этом сайте только благодарственные письма, присланные ему от пациентов.Рекомендательное письмо by Mary Scott Gilbert (USA) (maryscottgilbert@hotmail.com)

  • “Michael is an extraordinarily gifted metaphysical healer. When our medical system had no answers, and traditional treatment methods didn’t work, I stumbled upon Michael’s site while searching for answers. I had no expectations. In dealing with a debilitating and potentially life-threatening illness, a sense of urgency sets in. Suddenly, things we once thought so important, fade into the gray-area. I’m more the “facts and figures” type. In my work, we begin with research. We like the tried and true. So, I hadn’t too much faith in what I considered “the woo-woo arts.” Just a mustard seed. I believe I was healed almost immediately but, it was several months before I pulled all the pieces together and results were conclusive. I’m pleased to report new possibilities also opened up. Michael is a very sensitive and caring person I highly recommend his work. Have an open mind, and try it for yourself.”

Рекоммендательное письмо by Randy Kemp (USA) (randylewiskemp@hotmail.com)

  • “Michael is a independent holistic medical consultant, whose chief tool is prayer. Once he started using prayer to help me, after a layoff at Motorola, I felt a sense of peace, calm, and noticed that many good ideas came to mind. Michael has worked with many clients, and has helped with turnarounds with such issues as health, business, and finance, basely through prayer. I highly endorse his work.”

Христианские научные молитвы

The following testimonials display the omnipotent power of God and how the recognition of this truth have restored healing and harmony in situations such as:

  • Трудности во взаимоотношениях;
  • Физические болезниs;
  • Бизнес возможности;
  • Финансовые трудности.


Благодарственное письмо от Кристины Фрайдэй

  • Thank you, Thank you. I know that with your help it really clicked in me when I was meditating this weekend. I have been reading the book and marking particular areas that send a strong note of truth to me. I have a hard time putting the book down when I start reading. I do have some questions that maybe you can help me with. If you do not mind I can email to you for advice. Again, thank you so very much and I am looking forward to hearing from you. I know that you have a consciousness that has surpassed this human ideal into the spiritual ideal. All your emails are warm and sincere with much wisdom in them. And you have helped me tremendously. I want to thank you for your continued prayers, I can truly feel them. You are a great light to the world.

    PS- Your subject title “Inspiration” was right on target. Because that is what I had yesterday, Divine Inspiration! Love and Joy, Christine

    If it where not for your Love, Wisdom, and God realization, I would not have been lifted to a higher God realization myself. To me you are not just a healer but a teacher, and I desire to keep in touch with you on my path to greater wisdom of God Realization. I can not express the depth of my gratitude, words just can not come close to the gratitude I have for all your prayers and love. I look forward to hearing from you. Warmest Love and Joy, Christine Friday.

Вы можете осуществить молитвенный запрос послав его по электронной почте: michaelblit@iprimus Пожалуйста задавайте любые вопросыотносительно Христианского исцеления с помощью молитвы.

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