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Welcome to the Christian Science Healing website!

Pondering on the ideas presented in this healing site you will be armed with the spiritual understanding that assures you that with God ALL things are possible and this will be manifested in your daily life!

Exploring the power of the Christian healing prayer you will find the Mind of God is reflected in each of us when our consciousness is responsive to the light, even God or good. And the Scriptures encourage us, "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus".

Metaphysical healing principles or spiritual laws described in the Bible and in the textbook Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy have a healthy influence on people's hearts and minds and they are manifested through such Christian qualities as patience, meekness and love. It is written in the 1st Chapter of the Bible that God had created man in God's own image and likeness. So everyone reflects those loving qualities as rays of the sun reflect its comforting light.

When we fervently strive to reach the highest and purest ideals and open our hearts to the divine light or moral laws of Truth which are present wherever we are, when we trustingly look to ever- present divine Love then each of us is able to perceive immediately its healing power and healing influence independently of age, race, religion or location.

Regardless of distance, time, age, or religious beliefs, this scientific, Christian method of healing is available to everybody that sincerely searches for mental or physical health and harmony in their life.

Christian Science Prayer

Christian Science healing prayer restores physical and mental health. It is based on the spiritual understanding of the omnipotent power of divine Mind. The healing prayer rests on the practitioner and patient's heartfelt acknowledgement and affirmation of the spiritual power of divine Love, God and also on the realization and contemplation of man's perfection as the Scriptures declare, "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect."

Heartfelt recognition and realization of the principles of Christian Science Mind-healing and a fervent desire to demonstrate these healing principles is a key to finding harmony and joy manifested in our every day life.

Christian Science does not know any boundaries in its healing effect, restoring health and harmony to mind, soul, and body. This metaphysical method of healing rests on the inspired and healing principles of the Science of Mind.

I would be very glad to assist anyone who would like to experience the spiritual power of Christian prayer totally based on the Bible's healing truths and Christian Science teachings. The loving power of prayer is able to bring harmony and to heal any disease or discord in your life.


  • Your relationship difficulties;
  • Your mental and physical health;
  • Your business opportunities;
  • Your financial problems.

This Christian Science Healing site allows those who seek for healing to explore the spiritual power of divine Truth and Love, to create for yourself a new full joy of living. By acknowledging and applying Christian Science healing prayer all sincere seekers for truth find gratitude, joy, love, and other spiritual qualities the natural outcomes as well as healing a body. If you would also like to know why I became interested in spiritual healing please read here About Me. How Christian Science helped to restore my physical health, please read more... Faith in God.

To learn more about the metaphysical healing ideas which may assist in your prayers please read the article: The Art Of Prayer.

You can make a healing prayer request via e-mail - Please also feel free to ask any questions regarding Christian Healing.

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