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PrayerNeeded CONTACT Thank you for visiting The Christian Healing Prayer Web site. Through your Christian prayer request the Christian Science practitioner will enable to restore health and harmony of mind or body. The Christian prayer for healing is based on a spiritual fact that to God all things are possible. Thus God or ever-present Love guides and comforts us, and heals all our iniquities and diseases, as the Scriptures affirm us.

If you have any question regarding Christian prayer for healing or if you would like to send a Christian prayer request please feel free to contact Michael by clicking here:michaelblitchtein@

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As a Christian Science practitioner has only the high and true motives to heal, no one can be excluded from having Christian Science treatment.


All communications are completely confidential and will never be shared with any third party.

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  1. Rondale

    Hello my name is Rondale. I currently relocated to Dallas Texas from Chicago Illinois. Some of the many reasons for moving were to improve my lifestyle, to escape the violent, and to perhaps earn a better living. I completed my associate degree in heating refrigeration and air conditioning technician. But for some reason it has been difficult to find a good job. I have worked shall jobs that didn’t pay much. I’m asking God to grant me a job in my field of discipline with excellence benefits, and a reliable car. I have become encourage and feel defeated. I have depleted my saving and have no extra money. I’m asking God to please help me in this area. I need strength, encouragement, the favor of God to move. I’m 25 years old, love the Lord, and been in church all of my life. Please pray for me.

  2. Thanks a lot Rondale for your desire to use a spiritual way for living which in realty is th eonly one which costs nothing but benefits everyone who honestly follow the Science of Being. I will reply on your questions through your inbox. Warm wishes, Michael.

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