Dasha's Healing

One day my wife went to our daughter’s place to take her doggy called Dasha for a walk. Usually this activity brings lots of joy on Dasha's mood, being so grateful for this treat. But that evening she was breathing hard and was not expressing any joy, but only sadness. When my wife touched her, and wanted to give her a cuddle, she screamed -- displaying unhappiness and extreme pain. The next day we planned for the renovation of our daughter’s kitchen, and my wife offered to bring Dasha to our place the next morning.

When Dasha came to our home next morning, she did not greet us with joy, standing on her back legs; nor did she allow us to tickle her neck. She was breathing heavily, her head was bending down, so that she could not look at us at all. Her tail was hanging down as well. Instead of greeting me and lying down next