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Michael ABOUT ME Hello, I am Michael Blitchtein. I am a Christian Science practitioner practicing the metaphysical Science of Mind healing in Melbourne, Australia and online around the world. I came to Melbourne as a migrant from the Ukraine in 1989. Here I would like to tell you a little about how my spiritual journey for healing brought me to the faith in God in the Bible and later on to the divine Science or the healing power of the Mind.

When I was still a student of the State University back in the Ukraine it is happened that my digestive system was out of balance. I was in a position when any eaten food caused me tremendous pain and suffering. Read a full testimony about that healing here Faith in God.

To restore my physical health I became interested in various alternative health care systems and methods. Despite my strict and hungry diets, Yoga exercises, and meditations, I still suffered from my fears of so-called non-fresh food.

During this period of my persistent spiritual search for healing I was able to restore physical health to some of my doctor’s patients to some degree, and it was my heart’s desire to to assist other people to heal their ailments. Some of them have had wonderful improvement in their physical health simply by accepting faith in God in the Bible.

After the arrival of my family (wife and two children) in Australia, I continued my spiritual journey for God’s truths. Each day my sincere desire to understand God’s spiritual healing power and divine wisdom has grown. At that time I was interested in New Age religious beliefs, and introduced myself to many of their doctrines, which I could not accept in heart or mind, because of the limitation of their conceptions and beliefs.

Metaphysical Science of Mind

After eighteen years of my spiritual journey of searching for physical health or healing, I felt that the divine power, which I had trusted and nourished for many years should not only be the power of hope, a kind of only blind faith in God, but also this power should be “a very present help in trouble”.

Soon after meditation and realization  of the existence of an immediate divine power I was introduced to the teaching of the Metaphysical Science based on the Bible’s inspired truths (or spiritual prayers) and practical God’s spiritual laws.

I soon perceived that this divine Science was not only the symbol of purity and holiness, but it was an anchor, holding onto what cannot be moved in the roaring ocean of human passions and disease. It was a divine revelation to learn that holding steadfastly to the the moral principles of Metaphysical Science, helps in healing any diseases as harmoniously and successfully as night yields place to the morning dawn. These spiritual healing principles are explained in the healing book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures written by Mary Baker Eddy.

The spiritual understanding of my relationship to divine Science of Mind allows me to live harmoniously and my life has become much more enjoyable. Some of our friends and relatives have also recognized the healing power of Mind having received permanent healings.

Since the healing of this digestive problem I have witnessed great cures in physical health and improvement in different situations in my immediate family and patients. For example after diligent study and deep realization of spiritual prayers and principles based on the Metaphysical Science and the divine prayers my wife has experienced the following physical healings:

I would be pleased to assist anyone who wants to demonstrate this effective divine healing of mind and body to restore their mental or physical health for themselves through the Metaphysical Science of Mind. Feel free to submit your prayer request by visiting the contact page.

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