Requirements For A Healing Practice

November 23, 2021 at 4:18 PM

About 15 yeas ago I enjoyed learning from my Christian Science teacher what kind of traits of a character should each person have to perform metaphysical or Christian healing. The Christian healing though prayer is not a specific gift given to only a few to practice. The power of spiritual healing is available to any individuality independently of his sex, race, age, education and so on.

The basis of Christian Healing is LOVE! To perform Christian healing an individual should come to the realization that he has the same “Mind which was also in Christ Jesus”, as St. Paul mentions in his letter to Philippians.
A Christian Healer enables to demonstrate divine healing when his consciousness is filled by the fervent desire to express the spiritual quality of the divine Mind. Then the divine Mind will reflect in Spiritual Healer the following spiritual qualities which are crucial in metaphysical healing:

• Sympathy - not judgmental mind;
• Compassionate and tender word – human affection;
• Forgiveness and mercy;
• Purity, Humility, and Calmness;
• Unselfed or divine Love - spiritual affection;
• Keep watching consciousness against any false suggestions

Without these spiritual qualities even the king in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” miserably fails in prayer.
In explanation, the king says:
“My words fly up, my thoughts remain below,
Words without thoughts never to heaven go.”

We fail too if our prayers are “words without thoughts.”
To see the fruits of divine healing the mind of the patient should be filled with a consciousness of a little child such as;

• Receptiveness;
• Trustfulness;

From the other side a mind of a patient should be ready to accept healing. This acceptance involves:

• Repentance with a broken heart;
• Reformation;
• Desire to grow in wisdom;
• Reverence and affection before Truth or Christ;
• Meekness and Humility;
• Patience which breaks human will;

As the divine Love is unconditional and universal nothing can stop the Love to reflect and desire that Christ’s consciousness in everyone.

Requirements for Metaphysical Treatment

1. Confidence - everything IS possible to God right NOW;
2. Expectation, faith - knowing that one grain (or truth) is enough;
3. Express dominion or authority of Christ;
4. Be confident and persistent in divine ideas;
5. Moral courage - associated with Angel Michael;
6. Patience, humility, integrity and honesty fulfill God’s will;
7. Child’s simplicity and trust;
8. Trust your treatment;

There is no time in treatment when the understanding of God’s presence is evident
We are not battling with error but we rest or bear witness to Almighty’s presence – being a transparency for the shining Light.