Is Christian or Spiritual Healing Available Today?

September 3, 2021 at 6:50 AM

Firstly, let’s discuss together what does Christian Healing involve and then we’ll  point out the requirements which can lead to perform so-called miracles.

As Christ Jesus healed and brought harmony in every inharmonious situation without any creeds or drugs likewise it was noticeable that all who followed his truthful words have been able to perform in some form metaphysical healing throughout last 2,000 years. Christian Healing has nothing to do with any kind of scholastic rules, dogmas or even special prayerful formulas. It is rather a revealing within your own consciousness divine healing ideas or truths which are new perhaps for yourself but they are old as the world.

Christian Spiritual Healing is an awakening to the true harmonious ideas which lead to harmony, peace, joy, and happiness in our every day activities too.
Christian Healing:

1. Restores mental or physical health;
2. Improves relationship challenges;
3. Increases business opportunities and financial situations;
4. Masters loneliness or depression with joy and happiness;
5. Brings safe outcomes during pregnancy or giving a birth, passing exams, and so on.

To improve the quality of our life we do not need to be worry what is going on in this turbulent world. The world cries for the expression of love though evil thoughts, envy, jealousy, anger and other negative human traits seemingly prevail or dominate this so materialistic world. What we need is to cast off an inner look to test the motives of out heart. When we have loving attitude towards ourselves (not selfish), our family members, work colleagues and so on we feel that we are on a right path to obtain peace and freedom from any negative emotions.

Keep tuned as we are coming to the requirements needed to heal and who is able to perform the cures or healings?