What Is Spiritual Healing?

August 31, 2021 at 2:47 AM

As much as I would like to make this blog uplifted or spiritually minded at the same level I wish this blog be understood and discussed freely with every one who desires to comment or make a contribution to discussion. Hope friendly manner of this blog will unite all its followers in one circle of love.

I would like to share with anyone my perception of spiritual or metaphysical healing which is so mixed up with alternative healings. After more than 20 years of my interest how to heal spiritually I came to the following conclusions:

1. Spiritual healing is not kind of human energy taken from the divine;
2. Metaphysical healing has nothing to do with witchcraft, quackery,dogmas,theories, or traditions;
3. Neither medical therapies nor any kind of alternative therapies including massage nor any other kind of material relief may claim their spiritual approach to cure any disease or to bring harmony to relationships, business, financial or any other problem;
4. Healing spiritually does not involve any mixture of divine Spirit and human reliefs;
5. Metaphysical healing does not manipulate any human mind but heals mind and body on the basis of one divine Mind or Principle which is LOVE from above not beneath!

Hope to meet many here to hear your spiritual approach to the healing. In my next post I’ll try to share what metaphysics does involve. See you soon!